What is AI Based Personalization?

What is AI Based Personalization?
Written by Shikha Mehta

When you surf the internet, do you type just 1 or 2 letters and get exactly what you were looking for? Well, it’s no magic that search engines find out what your search behaviour is. It’s AI based personalization.

Technology has come far enough to make machines understand what you want. In fact, from the time you were looking for information on personalization using AI to this very moment when you’re reading this article, the search engine has understood that you’re interested in technology.

So, what is the connection between personalization and AI? How do they work together? What is all the information used for? Let’s go step by step in order to understand this.

Understanding AI and Personalization

You probably know that “AI” stands for artificial intelligence. The intelligence is “artificial” because it is simulated in a machine. It means that with the help of computer programming, you can make any software or hardware think, record, interpret and enact like a human brain.

Now, coming to the relation between artificial intelligence and personalization, what do you understand by AI based personalization?

According to the dictionary, personalization refers to doing something according to a particular individual’s needs, likes/dislikes or desires. Hence, when it is based on AI, it means the personalization has been done by the hardware or software you’re using.

How is AI Used for Personalization?

You may say, that there is a direct link between AI and personalization. Or, providing personalized experiences to a user is one of the applications of artificial intelligence.

Let’s take the search engine as an example again. Since it has AI, it can read as well as remember what you search for.

So, the next time you look for anything related to AI or personalization, you’ll get plenty of related search results. This also applies to any particular website that you follow more frequently, like Amazon, Wikipedia or Facebook.

How Does it Work?

Here’s a simple step-by-step explanation to the process:

  • Artificial intelligence is able to read, register, understand and implement the behaviour of a user.
  • It starts from the first time you open a website or use a machine.
  • Each and every click, search or any other action that you make is recorded by the software or hardware.
  • When you us the same website or machine for the second time, it has an idea of what you did previously and might help you this time.
  • The above process is cumulative in nature and repeats with every subsequent usage.

You can understand personalization using AI best with search engines and websites. When you become a repeated user, they know your habits and interests.

The best example you can relate to is probably Google Search.

Say, for example you’ve been working on a project on solar energy. The first day when you start with your research, you go through plenty of articles and copy-paste their content. Or, you probably copy-paste the link.

The next day, when you type just “s” or may be “so”, the search engine will already have all terms related to solar energy right down there.

In fact, after some time you might be reading an article on air purifiers and find an ad of solar energy on the page. This too is due to AI.

Where is AI Based Personalization Used?

Based on the above examples and connections, you might have a broad idea of why we use AI for personalization. Yes, it is marketing – connecting to customers at a personal level.

Apparently, content and ads are visible to users who have interest in it according to the AI of the website. An AI personalized website can cater to the individual needs and wants of a user. This helps them retain visitors and generate action.

In fact, when it comes to marketing of certain products and services, AI can also be used for hyper personalization. It means the website uses AI to give tailor-made content, products or services to the user.

On one hand, you may think AI based personalization is a threat to your privacy. However, it is also a reason why you remain glued to the internet. This is because you enjoy the speed with which you get what you want. If I am wrong, you’ll probably stop using the internet for anything in future.

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