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What Is Digital Marketing ?

Written by Faruk Ahmed

Digital Marketing

Nowadays digital marketing is an important subject. Day by day digital marketing makes its demand. Very soon all the things are going to digitize. From business to service all are going to digitize in the future. All traditional business is digitally converted. It promotes and servicing this business matter very easily.

It is a highly potential subject all over the world. The digital market growth increasing day by day. The traditional business makes a large number of unemployment in the whole world. On the other hand, online marketing makes a lot number of ways towards employment. Every small or big company has its own online digital platform for marketing. Their products reached very easily to the people. For people picks their things quickly. All companies flow these rules when they marketing online.

Here are some important tools of digital marketing

⦁ Social Media Marketing :

Social media is a kind of thing where the companies send their products to the people and take their feedback so fast. In fact, people send their opinion about the product, maybe good or bad. The marketing companies take the brighter side of the opinions and make their products on upcoming days. And that makes the relationship between seller and buyer.

⦁ Email marketing:

Email marketing is a major tool that people easily reached on an online platform. Various products and brands are promoting through Email marketing and reaches to the selected people. Email marketing makes the business so simple for the general people.

⦁ Inbound Marketing:

In this type of marketing which supplies information about the product and services of product to the general people of the society. Customers are taking that information and accept the product for granted. Email, Social Media, Content marketing that gives re-marketing option to the people.

⦁ YouTube Marketing:

This type of marketing is the simplest way of brand promoting. It catches the largest number of customers all over the world. Because in this type of marketing where the brand is promoted through audio, video and motion.

⦁ Content Marketing:

Content marketing is a kind of marketing where it publishes any type of content to the website. when the visitor is coming in those websites they read components and takes diction. In this process, content marketing generates business. A major part of people are connected internet through smartphone and that’s why digital marketing, YouTube marketing very easily connected to the people.

Day by day the digital market increases its number and also creates the opportunity of a new era of employment. In India 48 crore people use an internet-friendly smartphone, by the time of 2021 the number goes on to 84 crores and a number of people are coming under the digital or internet marketing.

Digital marketing companies are growing so fast as per their facilities are a concern. It may also create a new generation of employment for the future Industry of Global marketing.

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