10 Personalized Learning Benefits for Teachers & Students

Even if you are the best teacher for your subject in your school, you’ll have some weak students in your class. What does that mean? Surely, it means that every child has a different capability. For this very reason, personalized learning benefits both students and teachers. What is one benefit of establishing a personal learning network discuss below

So, what do you understand by personalized learning in the first place?

It is a system that involves paying special attention to the strengths, weaknesses, interests, and goals of every student. So, the method of teaching a concept to a student will vary.

In order to solve the purpose, classrooms are designed more flexibly and a lot of e-learning materials are acquired by institutes.

The main thing we consider here is that every child will take his own time with a subject. While one can understand science better through practical experiments, the other might need 3D educational videos to understand it better.

Similarly, one child will have strengths and weaknesses in different subjects. He might understand English literature after hearing a lecture once but might need 3-4 explanations along with some personal interaction to understand mathematics.

Personalized learning systems involve providing various materials and activities to students so that they gain excellence in everything they do. At the same time, it also involves monitoring progress a lot more often compared to a traditional system.

Personalized Learning Benefits for Students

The system of personalized education has been developed to help students. Thus, the following are the benefits gained by students out of personalized learning:

  1. Develops Interest in More Subjects

We all found some of the other subjects borings when we were kids. In fact, we still hate some of them. Isn’t it? However, what if you were taken on a tour instead of getting a boring half an hour lecture?

This is the whole point of personalized education. Not just one, but multiple activities are kept for students so that they start liking the subject. Once they start liking it, the next thing you know is they are able to score better.

  1. Increases Opportunities for Students to Discover Their Potential

There are times when we see that we have the ability to perform well in a subject. However, a lack of interest or understanding during the crucial classes can make a difference. Let’s understand this with an example.

I could fall off to sleep in a boring lecture. However, if I am made to play a game, I might play it well and suddenly discover I’m good. That would help me discover my potential and develop an interest in the subject too. Having multiple such activities would simply boost my growth.

  1. Makes Students Friendlier with Technology

Let’s suppose you make a child play an interactive game on a tablet to help him understand a particular subject. Not only is he gaining an understanding of the subject – but he’s also becoming tech-savvy with the tablet.

Likewise, he gets to practice with other devices and software tools as he uses them to learn something. It teaches the child to use technology in a productive manner than wasting time with useless and violent games or videos.

  1. Reduces Stress

This is more common among middle school and high school students. As children grow up, they feel exam pressure and simply try paying attention forcefully to do well.

However, when classes are made fun and interesting for every student, children learn better and hence find it easier to study for their exams. Since their concepts are clear, their stress level reduces, and come out more prepared for their exams.

  1. Improvement in Results

In a traditional system, you have children listening to lectures in class and answering questions at home. However, if they learn and enjoy in the classroom, they grasp things better.

In fact, according to a study, a school has achieved a growth of 65% of students meeting their targets within 4 years of incorporating personalized education.

How Does Personalized Learning Benefit Teachers?

what is one benefit of establishing a personal learning network

The growth of a teacher is dependent on the growth of his or her students. If personalized learning helps your students, it also benefits teachers. Here’s what a teacher gains out of this system:

  1. Helps You Learn as a Teacher

You as a student have perhaps only learned by receiving lectures, homework, and scolding from your teacher. Perhaps technology didn’t exist when you were a student.

However, if you truly want your children to love your subject and excel in it, discover different methods of learning and incorporate them into your schedule. As you make them use interactive technology to learn, you learn to utilize technology for teaching too.

  1. Improves Your Temperament

Children are naughty in class for a reason – they’re not interested in your class. The ones who like your subject will be listening to you. However, being strict and scolding children is every teacher’s nature.

You end up bursting on your students and forcing them to listen to you. Instead, why not grab the opportunity of personalized education to make learn voluntarily?

  1. Saves Time

Yes, giving individual attention to your students saves your time and doesn’t take long. This is possible if you do so in a systematic way. Take a short period of time to assess what each student likes and dislikes.

Next, based on the results, you keep a list of activities that’ll teach them multiple concepts. You can design the schedule in a way that you can cover your syllabus along with helping each child absorb what you teach.

  1. Helps You Pay Attention to Your Students Better

Personalized learning systems involve software that organizes the online assessment of every student. Teachers can now assess them more frequently as updating the table becomes easier day by day.

Thus, you’ll know how to tackle every student, how to schedule your classes and homework, and improve each one’s growth. This makes you an efficient teacher loved by all students.

  1. Helps You Discover New Ways of Teaching

Do you ever feel bored and frustrated giving lectures every day? If yes, then a personalized learning system is giving you the opportunity to discover new methods of teaching students. Instead of giving lectures, prepare fun activities children can enjoy.

Not only will you start loving your profession, but you’ll also discover how children learn the best. This makes you a more efficient teacher and develops your understanding of children.

Personalized Learning Resources & Management Systems

Learning Resources & Management Systems

It is nearly impossible to incorporate personalized education without the use of technology. Personalized learning strategies involve using software for planning activities as well as assessing students.

Following are the resources you need for incorporating personalized learning efficiently:

  • Free or paid software for learning management system
  • Access to videos, games, and software to design activities
  • Infrastructure material such as colorful chairs, computers, gadgets, boards, etc.
  • Access to objects, lab equipment, and other materials for practical learning

While personalized learning benefits the institute as a whole, incorporating it in the first place can be a challenge. However, you can utilize your resources with time in order to do so.

In the fast-changing world, all schools around you will be developing toward personalized education. Don’t you think you can too?

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