What is Personalized Education and How Does It Work?

What is Personalized Education? When you can get custom-made products & services for personal or professional use, why not consider personalized education for better learning? If you’re wondering how education can be personalized, then let me clarify your doubts and questions.

Personalized learning or education will involve customizing the method of learning new concepts. In a typical classroom, teachers use the board to teach students a new chapter. They’ll give a lecture for a certain number of hours, perhaps give some notes and exercises to do.

Gone are the days when children would learn through textbooks and blackboards. On today’s date, they need practical demonstrations. Moreover, with time, personal attention towards every student has been increasing too.

Thus, schools have flexible environments that allow children to learn at their own pace and in their own style. While some students understand better by watching 3D educational videos, some of them might need practical projects or exercises.

However, in a class of 100 students, how will every individual get preference and attention to learn in their own way?

Let’s see how this works.

Meaning of Personalized Education

Every child is different – according to interests, strengths, and weaknesses. You cannot force a young mind to study in a way he doesn’t understand. They need to be exposed to an environment where they can comfortably develop their logical, communicative and creative abilities.

Thus, personalized learning or education is a system where every child gets his or her own custom-made plan to learn new concepts.

Now, do not confuse the concept with online education. This is because there’s a major difference between the 2.

Customized learning modules are usually designed for school kids and are implemented in several school classrooms. It is meant to improve personal attention and develop interest.

On the other hand, online education is using technology for training in a particular subject from anywhere you want and at any time. It is designed for high school, and college students as well as professionals. Platforms like Udemy provide online courses on all subjects.

Various Examples of Personalized Learning Strategies

What is Personalized Education

Starting from the infrastructure of the classroom to incorporating multiple methods to learn a particular topic, customized education can be implemented in several ways. Each school adopts a different technique feasible to them for providing their children with a flexible learning environment.

Here are some amazing examples of education modules personalized for each student:

  1. Flexible Seating in the Classroom

Some schools can develop infrastructure to break the typical code of seating arrangements. Instead of having typical desks and benches, children can choose to sit on colorful bean bags or close to a whiteboard on which they can play learning games or draw diagrams.

  1. Usage of Education Technology

Education has evolved from boring lectures to fun games and videos that engage students better. For example, if you want children to learn about electricity, how can you make them learn through ed-tech?

A fun way is to show a 3D video that shows how electricity is generated in a simple way. To enhance this, students can play a game where they have to choose the right objects to light up a bulb. Or, a quiz can be circulated on Google Forms to assess their learning skills online.

  1. Role Reversal between Lectures and Activities

Earlier, teachers would give a lecture throughout the class and then leave students with homework to do in their notebooks. Now, times have changed. Students now watch a demonstrational video at home and perform activities in the classroom to learn better.

  1. Personalized Playlists

On a usual note, the word “playlist” will remind you of your song list on your phone. However, when it comes to education, a playlist will comprise of several activities a teacher sets to clear one particular concept for students.

For example, in order to teach students about various rocks and minerals, one activity on the playlist could be showing real samples, another could be a fun quiz game and the third could be a group discussion.

  1. Learner Profiles

Similar to a report card but much more detailed and frequently updated, this is a system adapted for providing personal attention to every child. The sheet records the strengths, weaknesses, progress, needs, and motivations of every child.

While a report card sums them up briefly at the end of 6 months, a learner profile is updated several times before a report card is made.

Why is Individual Learning Gaining Importance?

As I said, every child has his/her own strengths, weaknesses and interests. While some understand better through games and videos, others understand better through practical experiments. Some even need the teacher to give a little explanation.

Personalized learning has several benefits for both students and teachers. Some of them briefly include:

  • Better performance from the students.
  • It makes the student an all-rounder.
  • Helps teachers do their job more efficiently.
  • Develops better relations between teachers and students.

A Sneak-Peek into Personalized Education Resources & Management Systems

Even though there is a vast difference between e-learning and personalized learning, the latter has evolved from the former.

With only traditional teaching methods, it is impossible to incorporate a flexible learning environment for students. In online education, students learn at their own pace. However, in personalized education, they also receive additional attention and exposure.

A learning management system is a software that helps in planning an educational course along with tracking the progress and development of each child.

Some examples of these resources include:

  • Paid software tools (LMS) for enabling personalized education
  • Access to free or paid games that enable learning
  • Free or custom-made videos that demonstrate the concept with ease

Personalized education has proven its results with time. A lot of schools have started adapting these techniques to bring out the best in students.

Will you prefer your child to learn this way?

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