Robotics for Kids – How to Boost Your Child’s Growth?

Do your kids play with remote control cars and video games like Playstation? If yes, then you need to know What Is Robotics For Kids. Robotics for kids involves a playful and practical way of making them learn about robots, programming, and artificial intelligence.

Kids are getting more and more tech-savvy as generations are passing by. I’m sure you didn’t have to teach them a lot as to how they should operate a smartphone or a TV remote. Robots are surely more complicated, but they give them the opportunity to learn out of curiosity. The main reason why they learn so well is that for them it is a toy to play with – not something they’re made to “study”.

Lego Mindstorms is one of the best examples of programmable robots for kids. They have proper robot kits along with an instruction set with which kids learn to create their own robots and then can play with them.

There are plenty of other robot toys for different age groups. Let’s check them out.

Benefits of Introducing Robotics to Kids- What Is Robotics For Kids

Today’s kids love playing video games. However, most of them are quite a waste of time. On the contrary, they don’t get the physical exercise they need. Adding to the misery, many of these games make them violent and aggressive.

Now, you give them something that they play with virtually. Since it is in physical form and comes in unassembled form, you’re engaging your kid in an activity that is far better than what they play:

Introduces Them to the Technical World

The technical world is beyond what you just see on screen. What they truly learn is what robots really are and how they’re made. You’re introducing them to programming, building, AI and so much more that is involved in the field of robotics.

Makes Them Productive

Any activity that makes you learn something new is productive. You are clearly ringing out the potential in your kids by giving them something they can create on their own. Even if you give a ready-made robot toy, they can learn a lot more from it than from what they play on your phone.

Learn and Play at the Same Time

This is the reason why the above point is applicable. And this doesn’t just apply to science – there’s a lot more that they learn. This includes patience, coordination, interdependence and creativity. This is something they learn with the experience of building something.

Brings Out their Technical Skills and Interests

As kids learn to assemble things and program them, you’re able to see how fast they are able to learn and with how much interest they’re learning. Moreover, robotics is a subject in itself – when you introduce it to kids at a younger age, you can see what they already have a nag for.

What Kind of a Kids Robot Can You Get – Best Robots for Kids

There are different kinds of toy robots for kids of various age groups. For those who are above 10 or 12, you can give them proper programmable robot kits. For younger ones, you just have simpler toys that they simply play with.

what is robotics for kids

Robot Dog Toy

That’s a smart robot toy you can give a 6-year old. They don’t have to code or assemble anything here. You’re showing him what a robot is and how to operate one – with the remote control. What the child observes is what the dog can do – which is a lot more than the fixed commands of an ordinary toy.

Robot Dinosaur Toy

Now that’s a little robot toy you can gift to a 3-year old boy too. It’s a sweet dinosaur that can sing and dance. What your child will learn is operating something with a remote control. Moreover, it will make him observe movements and develop his imagination too.

Robot Kits for Kids

Designed for kids between 8-10 years of age, this kit has 190 pieces with which they can build 12 different designs of robots. The reason why I consider this to be the best toy robot he or she can have, is because it operates with a solar panel. So, your kid not only learns about robotics, but also about solar energy while building his logical and problem-solving skills.

Dancing Robot Toy

This is like a live version of Talking Tom – where the robot can sing, dance and repeat things that you say. It even records sound by pressing the button on the centre. However, this is a pretty smart robot that does a lot more – it is sensitive to your touch and interprets your actions. For example, if you touch its head, it sings. If you say goodbye, its power is turned off. You can give it to any 3-year old kid or above.

Cozmo Robot Toy

This is a limited edition of Cozmo, a popular educational robot for kids above the age of 8. It will recognize you by your voice and your name, plays with you and entertains you. You’ll get this toy with a mobile app through which you can code and control its actions even more. This app is great for the kids to learn more about robotics and programming.

Coding Robots for Kids

This is one programming robot toy for kids between the age of 5-8 years. It is an interactive and sensitive robot that comes with detachable arms, a remote programmer, 40 codding cards, 27 obstacle building pieces and 6 double-sided tiles. It’s a great way of introducing kids to STEM at such a young age.

Remote Control Robot Toy

Created for kids above 3 years of age, this rechargeable smart robot toy comes with swift wheels and a remote control. It can play with you for an hour at a stretch at the most. Having 50 motion commands over a remote control, it can really help the child discover and learn new things while they also build-up their imagination skills.

Talking Robot Toy

Designed for 3-year olds, this cute little robot toy also repeats every sound it hears – even your laughter or humming. It has 11 flexible joints on its body, which makes it moveable like a human. Most importantly, it is made of a non-toxic and non-polluting material, which is extremely safe for children.

AI Robot Toy

Now this may look like a tiny little robot, but it can do a lot more than it seems. It has over 10 games and can express emotions brilliantly. Your kid can play as well as interact with it and will be thrilled to do so. In fact, it will even make you laugh a lot because it responds to movements in funny ways.

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Dot and Dash Robot

Dot and Dash are robots that can sense, think and act, designed specifically for STEM learning. This dash robot is made for kids above 6 years and is collaborated with Wonder League, a community where kids can share ideas and learn a lot. It comes with 5 free apps that’ll teach the kids how to code and control a robot.

How Do You Choose to Introduce Robotics to Your Kids?

No matter how old your kids are, believe me they’re ready to be introduced to robotics. Like you’ve seen, robotic toys are available for children starting from the age group of 3 or more. The younger they are, the better it is to introduce them to these toys. As they grow older, you can give them more complicated things too.

The idea is to ensure that your child gets an exposure to learning through observation, play and curiosity. When they grow up and are introduced to robotics in school, they can catch up really fast in the subject. Moreover, you’re not just introducing them to science – you’re making them understand so many other things like collaborative teamwork, patience, coordination, imagination and sensitivity.

Children do learn things really fast – provided you use the right way to teach them. They are playful, curious and observant. That’s why introducing robotics for kids at the youngest possible age always works for the best.

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