Know Which Is The Best App to Earn Money in India Of 2022

Did you know that you could earn some additional pocket money by filling out surveys and reviewing brands? Yes, there are apps that pay you real money for doing so and here we’ll discover Which is the best app to earn money in India that you can use. These money-making apps don’t need you to have any skills.

However, they pay you because you help them earn directly or indirectly. For example, by filling out surveys, you help a company conduct market research which is later used for publishing a paper. An app that pays you for giving your photos and videos pays you by selling them to companies who need them for marketing purposes.

I wouldn’t say that you can totally count on apps that pay money for your living. However, you may say that they help you save more by giving you pocket money for regular spending.

So, do you want to check out the best money-making apps available on the Play Store/App Store for you? Keep scrolling then!

Which is the best app to earn money in India?

While there are so many apps that can help you earn some extra cash, you must be seeking the best. Your time is valuable and investing it in something must be fruitful. So, let me help me to identify which is the best app to earn money in India.

Google Opinion Rewards in our opinion is the best platform to earn some extra money in a righteous way. This is basically a survey program that rewards you with the completion of each successful survey assigned to you.

The money that you will earn from here basically gets deposited in your wallet. Usually, a person has to do 1 or 2 surveys a week and the reward that you will earn reflects as Google Play credit.

Now, how will you use this reward is the next question that arises here. You must already be knowing that there are several apps on Google Store for which you need to pay to be able to use them.

You can actually use this credit for using these apps. Quite cool, isn’t it? Now that you have known this amazing way to earn why wait, begin today itself with Google Opinion Rewards.

How to Find the Best Money Earning App to Use?

Best Money Earning App

Well, there are many types of apps that pay you money. You mainly need to see two things here – what you need to do to make money and how much money are you likely to earn in return. Of course, there are many other factors that matter too.

You need to look for the following to decide which of them are the best-earning apps for you:

Type of App

There are plenty of apps that pay you for filling out surveys. Some of these also pay you for giving product reviews. There are also a few that pay you for reviewing websites and software. On the other hand, some apps also take pictures and videos that you have clicked and pay you for its sale. You also have some apps where you can earn by answering questions (similar to Quora). Some others might be as simple as watching ads or shopping online.

Now the latter wouldn’t be of much use to you if you don’t really take many photos and videos, or for that matter don’t own a very good camera. On the other hand, surveys can be filled out by anyone but not everyone likes them.

Time Consumed

This is directly connected to the first factor. Filling up surveys takes a lot more time than uploading a bunch of photos. However, there are some apps that have short surveys for you too. Giving long answers to questions may or may not take time – this depends on you completely.

Thus, you need to find the best apps to make money fast.

How Much Money Can You Actually Make?

This is what actually decides which one is a real money-making app. How much are you making for every survey you fill up, for every question you answer, for every review you give, or for every picture you upload? Also, are they asking you to make any deposits too? You need to sign up for free money-making apps that can pay you well.

How Will You Get Paid?

Most apps will pay you in your wallet – Paytm or PayPal. Some of them even give you Amazon vouchers or gif cards for other e-commerce sites. Basically, you are bound to get options. What you need to see is that at least one of the options is feasible for you.

Top 10 Money Earning Apps for You

You can use as many apps to win money as you want. From the many legit money-making apps available on the Play Store and App Store, we have listed the top money-earning apps for you.

Make Money by Uploading Your Photos and Videos

Following are the top money-making apps that pay you for your photos and videos:

Foap: Basically, your photos are sold on this app and the revenue is shared between you and the site. You could be paid anything between $5-$100 for just a single photo. You’ll receive money directly in your PayPal account.

Scoopshot: This app pays you for clicking photos of events. These are used by media companies, bloggers, and other brands for marketing or website development. You can charge your own fees here for every photograph you sell.

Survey Apps that Make You Money

 Which Is The Best App to Earn Money in India

Following are some of the apps that provide you with surveys, ads to watch, and other things that help with either marketing or market research:

Google Opinion Rewards: This app by Google provides you with 20-30 surveys every week. On top of that, you can also earn extra credits by sharing your TV and internet usage. You can earn anything between 0.1 cents to $2 at a time.

Swagbucks: Here, you get paid for filling up surveys, answering questions, watching videos, and even playing games. From the daily polls themselves, you can earn credits worth $3-$25 which you can receive directly in your PayPal account or as a gift voucher for Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, or Target.

Cointiply: This is a similar app to Swagbucks, only it pays you in Bitcoin. We all know how having Bitcoin can be beneficial for us. Well, this is a good way of earning some without investing your real money in it.

Apps that Pay You Money for Answering Questions

If you have knowledge and expertise in a particular field, you could be paid for answering questions in that field. This is basically helping other people gain knowledge. Here are some well-paying apps for that:

Just Answer: You can choose from 175 categories where you wish to answer people. In return, you will get at least $20 in one go. If you are active and popular among the seekers, the app will even share its profits with you! You can receive your money on PayPal or Amazon.

Coinbase: This is another app that pays you in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. Even if you don’t own a wallet, you can get one from here. You can take part in quizzes and watch videos to earn some fractions of bitcoin. Apart from that, you can buy and sell bitcoin here too.

Other Fun Apps to Earn Money

Now you also have some amazing apps that’ll literally pay you for nothing. Your daily activities alone will pay you some extra bucks! Che6ck these out:

Sweatcoin: Now who could have thought that you could be paid for walking? Yes, that’s right! If you download this app and keep it running, you will be paid for every 1,000 steps. Even though you won’t get actual money, you’ll get some exciting goodies!

Slidejoy: Normally when we watch TV, we switch the channel when an ad comes. We also tend to skip ads while watching YouTube videos. However, wouldn’t you watch them voluntarily if all of a sudden you get paid for it? that’s what Slidejoy is for – watch ads and get rewards on your PayPal account.

Pact: For all you people trying to achieve weight loss, I finally have a real incentive for you – get paid for losing weight! Yes, that’s right. You need to set your goals on this app, followed by which it will track your footsteps, and exercise, and verify pictures of your meals that you upload. Get paid if you lose weight!

Which Ones Would You Choose?

You can be using all the money-making apps if you want to. The question is – would you spare the extra time for any? If not, then I think the best money earning app for you would be one that pays you for footsteps or uploading your internet usage. There are many other types of apps that pay you too. It’s up to you how many can you use in one go.

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