Know which is the Fastest Web Hosting Provider for Your Website

Planning to start a website? You know which is the fastest web hosting provider? If yes, then you know the first step towards making one and probably that’s why you’re here. Without a good web hosting provider, you can’t start your website.

And this is a crucial investment you make, whether it’s low or high. This is because your hosting will
determine the speed and smoothness with which your site will work. Confused? Let’s take a deeper insight into website hosting and understand how it works before we
just buy one.

What are Web Hosting Services?

To put it in the simplest terms, web hosting services are internet hosting services that get your
website live on the internet. The server provides you with storage space that helps you upload all
the website data on the internet – the pages, the content, the forms and the links.
Here’s how it works:

 When you buy hosting, your website becomes visible on the World Wide Web.
 As a result, any internet user in the world is able to access your website.

It is the hosting server that will determine how much can you upload on your website and how
quickly will it load for users. Of course, the loading speed also depends on how well you’ve
optimized your site, but if the server is down, there are chances the user won’t be able to load the
site at all.

What is the Difference between Web Hosting and Domain Hosting?

There’s quite a difference between domain and hosting, even though the two are inter-related. To
understand this, I’ll give you a very simple demo.

The name of this website is insights of technology. The domain name that we purchased for it was However, it is only after purchasing the hosting, did the link turn into

You get the point?

Domain hosting is a service that provides you with your unique website name. On the contrary,
“https” and “www” will be added to it after you purchase the hosting as that is the service that will
take the website to the World Wide Web.

In other words, domain is just the address that leads to your site while hosting makes it possible to
access, view and use the site.

Various Types of Web Hosting Services

There are many types of hosting packages that you can get. The difference lies in the scope, cost and
overall services you get from the hosting server.
Reseller Hosting
If you wish to become a web server yourself, here’s a little shortcut – get reseller hosting! Here, you
can re-sell or rent out every service that you receive from the parent company to other clients.
Basically, it is more like an affiliation that you have with the parent hosting company.

Shared Hosting

As the name suggests, here you share the server space and resources with other websites. The plus
side of it is that it is cost-effective and hence ideal for blogs and start-ups. On the other hand, it
might turn out problematic if there is an overload in one of the sites sharing space with you.

Dedicated Hosting Service

Quite the opposite of shared hosting, here you get root access (in case of Linux hosting) or
administrator access (in case of windows) to the server. Of course, you don’t own the server but all
the space and resources are all available for you. Security, management and maintenance becomes
your responsibility.

Virtual Private Server

This lies somewhere between shared and dedicated hosting. Here, you’ll share the server space with
other sites but the resources are divided into virtual servers. Each virtual server has separate
properties, which will give you root access to your own space.

Cloud Hosting

This new form of hosting is slowly gaining popularity as it is decentralized. Your services don’t come
from a single server here, but a network of physical and virtual servers. This gives two benefits – the
service is not disrupted by disasters and you’re charged only for the resources you use than a flat
fee. Thus, it is cheaper.

fastest web hosting provider

Clustered Hosting

Similar to cloud hosting, here you have multiple servers hosting one website. This does improve the
quality of hosting to a great extent.

Home Server

Here, you have a single machine being used as a server for hosting one or more websites. It uses
broadband connection for doing so and is good enough if you want a private server.

How to Choose the Best Hosting Provider?

Now that you know the types of services that you can avail, it’s time to understand how to choose
your service provider. You need the best hosting services for your site so that you’re able to gain the
traffic you want.

When you take a look at the package, you need to see the bandwidth, disk space, domains, SSL
certificate and other services included in it. Based on how simple or complicated your site will be,
you need to make a decision that is reasonable for you.

Here’s what you need to see about the company:


In hosting, uptime refers to the amount of time your website is running. Ideally, it should be at least


Customer support is important for any technical service. When it’s a crucial service for your
website’s existence, go for a service provider who gives 24×7 customer support.


Go for service providers who give you packages inclusive of SSL certificate. Without a secure server,
you can’t run a website.


In case anything goes wrong, or you wish to change your server, can you take a backup of your data?
Important thing to consider.

which is the fastest web hosting provider

Mobile Access

The backend needs to be mobile-friendly so that you can check it wherever you are at any given
point of time.


Different servers have different price packages. Many companies provide free domain and hosting
services for the first year too. Do see that whatever is within your budget has everything you need
too. It is even better if the service provider provides free trials in the beginning. Some give it for a
month while some give it for an entire year.


How long have they been in the business? I wouldn’t trust new comers very easily.

Client Base

Check out which sites are using their services. More than that, check how many of them are from
your location.


You’ll easily get customer reviews that’ll give you a better insight of how good or bad they are. If you
know users personally, even better.

Best Web Hosting Companies

Now that you know what you need from the company and the kind of service you’re looking for, we
finally come to the best 5 website hosting service providers who are well-known in the world:

GoDaddy Website

GoDaddy is one of the most popular service providers in the world for domain and web hosting
services. It has more than 20 million customers as of June 2020 and still expanding. Some of the
plans you can check out here are Windows hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting and reseller

Bluehost Domain & Web Hosting Services

This is known for providing one of the Best WordPress hosting services. If you purchase both domain
and web hosting from here, you can save on a lot as they’ll provide you the domain free for the first
year. Most of their packages include the SSL certificate too.

AWS Hosting

Amazon Website Solutions provides you with cloud hosting services. They’re most suitable for
simple websites built on platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Magento and Drupal. If you’re looking for
a cheap web hosting package, you can try the Amazon Lightsail for a month.

Google Web Hosting

Yes, Google is there wherever there is internet – even when you want hosting services. This one also
provides you with cloud hosting services that are suitable for different types of websites. It has
various packages and solutions for blogs, web apps and ecommerce websites.

fastest web hosting provider


If you’re looking for free web hosting, then this is the perfect provider for you. This isn’t a temporary
package, but only a limited one that’ll give you 300 MB disk space and 3 GB bandwidth (limited). Of
course, it is eligible for only one website and is perfect for personal blogs. If you find their services
worth, you’re free to move to premium packages.

Are You Ready to Buy Your Website?

There’s something you should know – buying your domain as early as possible is important as you
don’t get it so easily. If you’re adamant on making your website, then it’s time you start now. If
you’re ready with the content you need for your website, then it’s better you buy the domain and
hosting both.

What kind of a website are you planning to create? A blog or an ecommerce? These things will
matter when you’re purchasing hosting. You’ll need more space if you have more data. The web
hosting service you’ll opt for will determine how well your site works. So, make your decision
carefully. Why don’t you start by checking out the list in detail?

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