Why SkyfineUSA has the Best Breathalyser for Car Ignition Interlock

Why SkyfineUSA has the Best Breathalyser for Car Ignition Interlock
Written by Shikha Mehta

Are you looking for a breathalyser for car ignition interlock? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. I have the best brand in the market that has made it very convenient for you to install a breathalyser in your car.

SkyfineUSA is a brand offering many safety devices, specializing in breathalysers. Their voluntary car ignition interlock device is better than most other devices in the market.

Before we get to why this brand is most recommended, we first come to what your breathalyser device for car interlock should do.

An ignition interlock device is meant to prevent you from drunk driving. It measures your blood alcohol level when you start the car. Only after favourable results does the engine start and you’re able to drive. That’s briefly how a car breathalyser works.

What is the Purpose of a Breathalyser for Car Ignition Interlock?

You may install a breathalyser if ordered by the court against DUI charges. Else, a volunteer purchase takes place if you want to prevent yourself or anybody else driving your car from drunk driving.


However, there have been cases where devices make false readings and lock cars unnecessarily too. Following are the 2 reasons behind it:

  • Use of mouthwash or perfume containing alcohol by the driver
  • The device is second hand and probably infected by previous users

This obviously gets you late for work or wherever you wanted to go. A lot of devices lock the car for a specified period of time – say 30-60 minutes. This can be really frustrating and the purpose of installing an ignition interlock device is lost.

However, we can’t ignore the fact that people die everyday due to accidents caused by drunk driving. You would neither want to be a victim nor the cause of anybody else’s death. Thus, you need a breathalyser in your car that works properly.

Features of the SkyfineUSA Ignition Interlock Breathalyser Device

Devices hired on lease are never fresh. They are used by people who have been ordered to install a breathalyser after getting caught for DUI. Compared to these, SkyfineUSA has fresh, first-hand devices which are purchased voluntarily. Following are its features:

Easy to Install with Manual: You are provided with the device along with a user guide in the box. This also contains instructions for installation of the IID. The technician at the service centre recommended by us can easily install our device within 1-2 hours. He may or may not require the manual given by us.

Electrochemical Sensor Technology: The device uses electrochemical or fuel cell technology for its operation. This is the same technology used by police officers. You just need to blow in for roughly 3 seconds. No sucking back of air is required. The device will immediately read the accurate level and send the signal to your car ignition system.

No Random Testing Required: There are many manual devices that need you to blow in the middle of a drive, say after a span of 45-60 minutes. You need to stop your car at a corner and blow in again. That can be really irritating and time consuming. However, this device will need you to blow in only before you start driving, not after that.

NOT Weather-Sensitive: Many breathalysers take a longer time to warm-up in the cold weather or melt due to excess heat. In such a case, you might have to remove the breathalyser once you get off your car. This is quite a hassle, making it absolutely unfeasible to have it in the first place. However, this device is neither affected by snow nor by heat.

Free Yearly Calibrations: Since this involves a voluntary purchase, you don’t have to send it for monthly calibrations as compared to the ones leased against orders. These monthly calibrations involve an additional cost too. However, Skyfine does not charge you for the yearly calibrations either, except just the shipping fees.

Breathalyser Mouthpieces by SkyfineUSA

Your car could be shared by multiple members of your family. Sometimes, you might even lend it to friend. It is a lot more hygienic if each of you use a separate mouthpiece to blow into your breathalyser device.

For this purpose, SkyfineUSA offers you mouthpieces separately at a very cheap rate. You can buy a pack of 10 mouthpieces for breathalysers for only $12. That’s not even $1 for each mouthpiece.

How is the Cost of SkyfineUSA Ignition Interlock Device Reasonable?

When you take an ignition interlock device on lease, you have to pay your rentals every month. The initial cost of installation and the cost of uninstallation after the lease is over is separate. Moreover, the quality of device you get is also not up to the mark.

When you are to calculate the cost of a car breathalyser, you will calculate the total expenses incurred by you behind one device.

Let’s make a comparative study here.

A lease will have a monthly rent of anything between $50-$100. Even if you consider the least rent for yourself, say for a period of one year.

The cost of your rentals will come to $600. Installation and uninstallation will have an additional cost of $100 (approximately). Your monthly calibrations will have an additional cost of at least $60 per month.

You are effectively paying minimum $1420 for using a second-hand device for only one year.

On the other hand, SkyfineUSA is easy to use has a price of $899, which comes down to $799 if you call them on their number. They will even provide free shipping and a convenient location for getting your installation done. Moreover, yearly calibration is also free.

So, you are paying a lifetime cost of $799 for a fresh piece of car breathalyser.

Customer Reviews

The product has an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. Given below are two excerpts of the most recent reviews:

SkyfineUSA is so far the only brand giving the best quality of voluntary breathalyser for car ignition interlock. If you or anyone else drinks in the family, would you consider buying this before the court orders to install one?

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